Move over crypto, we now have wine! | Drop #

You’re investing in crypto, but ever thought of wine instead? Vint is allowing the masses to add this unique asset class to their portfolios.

Investing In Fine Wine: Join Our Platform To Get Started | Vint

The Elevator Pitch:

Fine wine is an asset where quality and scarcity appreciate over time — so does its…

Less video fatigue, more collaboration! | Drop #66

Teams don’t collaborate if they don’t communicate. From instant messages to audio conferencing, Orbital is streamlining your remote co-working space — without the cam.


The Elevator Pitch:

The top headline for managers in the last year is: how do you improve remote communication? …

Best Content On the Internet in 9-Second Reads | Drop #62

🦄 Unicorn Club Opportunities

Work at a unicorn company before it goes big. We partner with dozens of high growth startups around the world to help identify and place our members at amazing opportunities. This week, we have two exciting opportunities for you…


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