🚀 Baronfig: The Apple of Analog Tools

⚾ The Elevator Pitch:

Based on studies comparing screens vs paper & pens, researchers have found that, on average, regular paper & pen gave people 4x more ideas, 3.2x more focus, and 13% better retention.

👇 The Drop Down

Site: https://www.baronfig.com/
Founded: 2013
Staged: Bootstrapped (& thriving!)
Trend: Productivity Tools
Traction: $168,000+ raised via successful KickStarter, their Squire Pen is ranked #1 pen (out of 100) by New York Magazine
Team: Creators & Designers
Joey Cofone (Co-Founder) | Adam Kornfield (Co-Founder)

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 💡 Mission Driven by Nature
    Baronfig’s mission is “To champion thinkers around the world through inspiration & imagination”. Everything from how the products are designed to how the company fundraised is guided by this principle. Because they are funded by the community and directly by customers (instead of traditional VCs), they are able to orient their product and operations in the interests of designers, engineers, and writers instead of “for the suits”.
  2. ✍🏽 Simple Yet Elegant
    Baronfig is unique in that it does not care as much about implementing the most cutting edge technology as it cares about making simple & effective tools for customers. Their belief is that human creativity is the last bastion of human contribution against the constantly growing and omnipresent computer-operated jobs and AI-driven innovations.
  3. 🌲 Ethically Operated
    For every Confidant Baronfig notebook sold, Baronfig plants a tree! For a company as early as Baronfig is, they are significantly more socially responsible than larger companies.

🎟 You’ve read about them, but want to win a Baronfig?



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