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The Elevator Pitch:

The top headline for managers in the last year is: how do you improve remote communication? A plethora of solutions have emerged, but Orbital thinks the secret is audio-first.

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👇 The Drop Down

Site: https://orbital.chat/
Founded: 2020
Stage: Pre-seed
Tech trend: Remote work collaboration
Traction: #2 ProductHunt Product of the Day, used by PwC, CMU, 2K games, raised pre-seed
Team — Techstart graduates and Growth Manager
Ashley Porciuncula (CEO) | Tom Hicks (CTO)
David DJ Oragui (Growth Officer) | Louise Turriff (Community Manager)

🔍 Why we like it

  1. 👨🏼‍🏫 They know where the system lacks
    The team has done their homework when it comes to a customer-driven start. They’ve researched all the statistics and have carefully included them on a separate research page. For starters, 1 in every 3 remote worker suffers from a lack of focus during video conferences, 44% of people struggle to keep up with the conversation on a video call, and 88% are judgmental about their appearance, hence inducing a lack of confidence. All of these problems lead to a solution that audio-only conferences, build around employee flexibility, not only improve the efficiency of the work but can also lead to employee happiness.
  2. 📈 Remote work is here to stay… and has to be improved
    The global pandemic has skyrocketed the use of team collaboration, with companies now focused on teams transitioning to remote work cultures. Recent studies say that by 2028, 73% of all departments will have remote workers. This means that Orbital is tackling one of the finest and fastest-growing markets out there. With both employers and employee retention on remote work, they are on the same page as to change the industry for good. Orbital’s traction is so great in fact that they’re experienced a 20% month-over-month increase in active teams and, an 80% month-over-month increase in audio minutes used!
  3. 🤯 The team is confident and creative
    There are already thousands of remote collaboration software tools out there. What makes Orbital special is its ability to create always-ready pop-up meetings, quick chats, and open-door office hours. The tool is equipped with many great features like custom space, unlimited screen share, instant breakout, live captions support, live collaboration tools, spatial audio, and more. All of these tools can really spice up a teams collaboration, bringing more ideas to the table so others can chime in.

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